Friday, November 19, 2010

Euclid Creek Dam Removal

I've been following the Steelhead fisherman of Euclid Creek for some time now and lately there's been a "reel" problem with fishing results! All the catches are down and the waters been muddy or silty as hell. Everybody was blaming it on different construction projects but the real problem may help fishing in the future. Up the creek, in the Euclid Creek Metropark, the authorities are deconstructing a "low head" dam that's below Highland road and is actually situated on the East branch of Euclid Creek. You can download a file here that details what is happening and make up your own mind about what this is all about. There is another project that's coming that may affect fishing, please click here for that information.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rolling Hills Asylum Ghost Hunt - November 6, 2010

Yeah, yesterday, Mary and I went on our first and maybe not our last, over night ghost hunt. This occurred at the Rolling Hills Asylum in New York State. We are definitively not ghost hunters, more like disbelievers, but, we did have a good time, knocking around with the other participants. Everybody else was well equipped with "state of the art" tools and we, sadly, had none. We had flashlights, they had headlights and flashlights and glow sticks, Get it! . My brand new Sony A55 SLT barely coped with the extreme conditions we encountered, while the true ghost hunters pranced around with point and shoots capturing all manner of ethereal evidence of purported ghosts and or spirits and whatnot. To bad, so sad! We did indeed capture some intriguing pictures and video that you can view and use to make your own determinations. Mainly, the pictures and video suck, and we know this. However, just like anything else, you fall back and regroup. We now know that we need better equipment and supplies to do this properly.