Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Believe" by "The Bravery"

One thing I hate is hearing a song on the radio and the station doesn't tell you the artist or the song name. I've heard this song several times and finally tracked down the song name and the band that plays it. The Bravery are from New York city, formed in 2003. Initially, I thought of "The Cure" but was mistaken. Their website is here.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds! If my brother Norm tells me about them one more time, I'm gonna pull my eyeballs out! No, wait! I should pull his out because Chia seeds are good for wounds! I'll bet he doesn't know that one. Okay, I'm done venting. Actually, on a hunch, "I" investigated Chia seeds(yeah, the Chia pet seeds) and it turns out they are good for you in a variety of ways. As a full disclosure(or maybe "fool"), I sort of started this by picking up both of "Kevins" books for my Bro. Kevin Trudeau is the source and perpetrator of this latest crazy idea. If you're not familiar with this guy you must live under a rock. He's the "they don't want you to know about" guy, as in Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About and The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About. You might have caught him on late night TV telling busty playboy women about flushing his colon. Here's a link to Wikipedia about him. Yeah, that guy. Anyhow, Norms been burning up the pages and then lecturing me about it all. So I Googled "Chia seeds" and they are good for you and there's a lot of uses for them, kind of like George Washington Carver and peanuts. They can heal wounds (sorry Norm, heres your eyes back and some seeds) they pack nutrition and Omega3 fatty stuff (God, I'm sounding like Kev and Norm) and the Aztecs loved them(and I love the Aztecs). Theres a place called ""(who knew, I'm one of them) that sells them, doctors recommend them and some people say they make you "peppy"! Well, I'm going to wrap this up by saying that I am going to try them, mostly for the peppiness! I'll post in the future after this experiment.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Neo Socket

In honor of Earth Day coming up(April 22), I give you the Neo Socket! This device claims to save you money and save the environment by making your car run better. After perusing the company's website you'll see that its easy to use, just plug it into the cigarette lighter socket and start saving. Even if you don't buy the product, make sure you look the whole website over because of the interesting use of the English language. Here's a couple of examples:
"Too easy to use and start working instantly" and "Neo Socket is a break-through, patent-pending invension in fuel conservation."
 My spell check went off on the word "invension" above, but theirs didn't! Hmmmmm. While researching the term "Electrolysis Condenser" they use on their FAQ page, I found this page(which shows a launch date of October 4, 2006) and this one. I do like the updated design, it looks like an old fashioned Christmas light! One last point, I tried to find an auto dealer on the internet that listed a "cigarette lighter socket" as an accessory but couldn't find one. Hmmmm.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Outdoor Shoot with Dan and Turtle Soup?

Dan and I went shooting today at the North Chagrin Reservation by the nature center. First we saw turtles, yawn! Then we saw what I think is a really big turtle, must be a snapper! We're still not sure about it. I have a picture from last year from June 21 of a turtle I thought was dead by looking at it but now I don't know. Today's pictures aren't definitive, but I'm hoping with Dans pictures we can figure out that it a turtle and not the "Loch Ness Monster". I apologize for the purple fringing and poor lighting and bad angles.

First picture is from last year.
The next, you can see a tail sticking up.
In the third, you can see the shell.
For further viewing:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ringbill Gull Versus a Crayfish

I caught this sequence on Tuesday at Wildwood. The rest are here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Land Sledding? Jackass?

Shoot. I just thought to add this. While Mary and I were down at Wildwood on Sunday some kids came down and hooked some kind of plastic thing to back seat of a minivan and then dragged the "sled" with a kid sitting on it around the parking lot!
Eventually, the rider fell off, usually around the turn. I do like the fact that the one kid(pictured) put his hood up as protection. When I was a kid, we boot hopped cars and hopped trains but this seems a little more, shall we say, advanced?


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Charles J. Pinkney Jr. Finally Gets a Headstone

I first heard of Charles J. Pinkney, the minor league baseball player by reading a story by John Campanelli in the Plain Dealer last year. This morning I was at Lake View Cemetery when he received his headstone 100 years late. His story is tragic yet notable. Only three players have been killed by in-game injuries(open to speculation) in pro ball and he happens to one of them, struck in the head by a pitched ball. The other two are Ray Chapman(1920), also at Lake View and Mike "Doc" Powers(1909), who collided with the outfield wall. The ceremony itself was dignified and went off without a hitch and the weather was great. I think that it happened in spring, baseball weather was cool too. I think about 30 to 40 people attended and it was probably half family. The location is section 25, lot 138.

"Cupid", his nickname, was killed in Dayton(he played for the Dayton Veterans) but was a Cleveland native, having grown up in the village of Collinwood. He played second base for the veterans and hit and fielded well. He was well liked on and off the field and got his nickname from his resemblance to Clarence"Cupid" Childs a second baseball who played for the Cleveland Indians.

I gathered or was provided information from the following sites:

Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Friday Shoreline Tour

On Good Friday, I took Dan and his brother Andy on a tour of the Cleveland lakefront beginning at Wildwood to Gordon Park and from there to East 9th and Voinovich Park and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Heading west, we pulled into Edgewater Park, but then headed back east to Wendy Park where the Cuyahoga River empties into Lake Erie. Then west to Edgewater and finally Vincenzas on Prospect for food.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Alligator alert

Yeah, so I was leaving Wildwood and saw a alligator being walked down the street! Not a Caiman! I've got the pics to prove it.