Sunday, April 18, 2010

Neo Socket

In honor of Earth Day coming up(April 22), I give you the Neo Socket! This device claims to save you money and save the environment by making your car run better. After perusing the company's website you'll see that its easy to use, just plug it into the cigarette lighter socket and start saving. Even if you don't buy the product, make sure you look the whole website over because of the interesting use of the English language. Here's a couple of examples:
"Too easy to use and start working instantly" and "Neo Socket is a break-through, patent-pending invension in fuel conservation."
 My spell check went off on the word "invension" above, but theirs didn't! Hmmmmm. While researching the term "Electrolysis Condenser" they use on their FAQ page, I found this page(which shows a launch date of October 4, 2006) and this one. I do like the updated design, it looks like an old fashioned Christmas light! One last point, I tried to find an auto dealer on the internet that listed a "cigarette lighter socket" as an accessory but couldn't find one. Hmmmm.

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