Sunday, August 29, 2010

Image Problems with Sony Alpha Cameras or Lexar CF cards

I'm having a problem that I can't diagnose(yet). I own Sony Alpha line cameras (A100, A350,A700) and I have a reoccurring problem with some of the images.You can see by the examples I've posted that its ugly. But, I don't know the cause. Its occurred on 3 different CF cards and 2 different cameras!  I do have a couple "off" brand CF cards and I'm going to try them them.

Update: I posted on a forum about this problem here


  1. Jim, I'm having the same issue with a Canon 7D and 32GB Lexar Pro 300X CF cards. I'm trying to narrow down the cause. Are you by chance using Lexar as well?

  2. Hi Grant. I've just had the problem reoccur and I'm using a different camera and a different card. The camera is a Sony A580 and the card is a Toshiba 8gb sdhc class 4. I ended up thinking it was the computer itself as I started to use a netbook to download the pictures with the same CF card reader and never had a problem. Then I went back to the computer having the problem so I could remove the card and try it in the netbook. The problem didn't reoccur until yesterday and I had already formatted when I saw the problem. I do not think its the camera itself especially after hearing from you but I do think its more in the computer and or card reader. Please comment again if you find anything out. I've also posted on and that is here