Sunday, September 20, 2009

2009 Ravenna Balloon A-Fair

Yesterday we went to the 31st Balloon A-Fair in Ravenna, Ohio. First time ever to a hot air balloon event. We spent a couple hours doing the fair thing, people watching and funnel cakes and such. The actual balloon launch was at 5:30 and there were hundreds of cars going down route 59 to the launch site. We missed it and also learned a couple things. One, hot air balloon viewing increases in popularity the farther you get from the city and two, either get there way early because of the huge amounts of traffic or find a really good spot to view and take pictures from. Sadly, we didn't do either one but did have a good time. Mary did get some good pictures from the passenger side of the car but not what we were looking for. If you click here you can see the rest of our pictures. Next year we'll do better, you'll see.

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