Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Computer rehab: #1 computer

The new motherboard is in! The operating system(xp) is installed and I took some pictures. This picture sucks, but, what? Since the o.s. is installed and the hardware works, I can now add what other hard drives and optical drives I want.
The only problem is I'm trying to replace a drawer system booting option with a boot manager option. The drawer system removes the boot drive completely from the system(reducing the chance of virus related problems) while boot manager options don't boot off a separate drive or partition, they don't always hide it(protect it) either. I will provide pictures of a drawer system and was quite happy with it, till problems occurred, traceable to it. The solution I'm looking for is to be able to boot to 2 xp installs(games and productivity) and win 7. My ideal setup is 3 computers, 1 multiboot, 1 xp, and 1 purposed for experimental software and trials(could be multiboot as well). I am looking at boot-US as a solution at least for part of this problem.

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