Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Irishman

Joe at work has been asking me what's up with the Danny Greene movie that's supposed to come out. I found out it is on IMDB and found some video that's behind the scenes.

From that site:

"The Irishman chronicles the rise and fall of infamous Cleveland gangster Danny Greene (Ray Stevenson), who engaged in a power struggle with the Italian mob.  Greene was as an upstart longshoreman union rep and later became a cocky, legendarily difficult-to-kill troublemaker in the world of organized crime in the 1970’s. Based on the real story of mobster Danny Greene, Christoper Walken will play the loan shark and nightclub owner Shondor Birns and Val Kilmer is a Cleveland police detective who befriends Greene. The incredible ensemble cast includes Vinnie Jones, Marcus Thomas, Linda Cardellini, Laura Ramsey, Paul Sorvino, Mike Starr, Tony LoBianco, Vinnie Vella, Steve Schirippa, Jason Butler Harner, Robert Davi and Fionnula Flanagan."

Whatever. From what I know, this is being shot in Chicago, where none of this happened. It's a location thing. Like Eliott Ness growing up in Chicago and bringing down Capone in Chicago and being buried where? Cleveland!

This link isn't related, but's interesting.

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