Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lilith: A Indie Horror Film being (partially) shot in Cleveland

I happened to be at Edgewater today watching the kite surfers and the parking lot had some mobile homes and moving vans. There was also people with stuff set up, tables and such and someone handed me one of those fliers and said "God lives you". I thought it was all connected and they were probably preaching safe sex and the tables had baskets of free condoms. Right? Wrong! Most people ignored what was going on but I wanted some pictures off that platform over the lake, but the trailer people were monopolizing it. So I asked one of the "grips" whats going on and he said they were shooting a film. I asked him the name and he said "Lilith" but I couldn't hear him with the wind blowing so I asked again. I said "Lilith, like Lilith Fair?" and I got a look. Now, to be fair, he said he's from Brooklyn(New York, not Brooklyn, Cleveland) and maybe they don't get the paper, you know? Anyhow, I asked for a media kit and got another look, so I said I'm going to shoot a couple stills(get it, movie talk) and I got a shrug. It's public place so I was just being polite. When I got home I scoured the web looking for info and this is what I came up with:

  • "Lilith" is the title at least for now.
  • Lead Actress: Julia Voth. 
  • Julia Voth plays Sarah Wilson
  • Julia Voth was in a movie called "Bitch Slap"
  • Today is Miss Voth's Birthday! Happy Birthday!
  • The IMDB mentions Julia Voth but not this movie
  • Lilith has a blog here
  • The genre appears to be horror
  • only by checking twitter and MySpace and other social sites was able to confirm certainly that they are indeed filming in Cleveland
  • Cleveland doesn't know or care
  • and so it goes
 This movie is being shot digitally on one of the RED cameras, which is cool in my book. If they're shooting now it probably won't be out for a year. I looked on all the major news sites like (which had a blurb from last year) and you knoe Scene Magazine and there was no mention. The Plain Dealer is usually about a week late so who knows, they might yet have something about this movie.


  1. Thanks for a cool post and info, Jim!

  2. Hi Jim, my name is Sridhar Reddy and I am the director of the film "Lilith." Thanks for posting this and yes, the film is currently in post-production and will likely be released next year. I was in Cleveland for almost 45 days and it was a joy to shoot in the city!