Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mp3s on a Verizon LG- VX8300

Verizon LG-VX8300 - card limit is 1GB

Lg Vx8300 Bluetooth Vcast Cell Phone in Mint Condition for Verizon Wireless with No Contract - Refurbished in Brand New Housing and 30 Day Seller's Warranty (Refurbished)

1. Format your microSD card using the phone's built-in utility--very important. (see Settings & Tools/Memory/Card Memory).

When formatting the card in the phone The utility asks for your lock code, which is by default, the last four digits of

your phone number.

3. Use the adapter (supplied with the microSD card) along with an SD card reader to transfer mp3s from you computer to the

card. (Protected content from iTunes and others won't play; you need plain vanilla mp3s.)

4. Enable mp3 on your phone via the Services Menu, and select (or press): End/Ok/0000000/11/.mp3 Enable

  Alternate instructions: From main screen press OK and then the number 0 seven times (youll see a series of question marks
  disappear). Then scroll all the way down and press #11 (Music Setting). Finally, choose Enable mp3.

5. Install your microSD in the phone and enjoy the music.

6. To get MP3s to play and to be able to use the keys on the front of the phone, including ringtones Press OK (Menu) and go

to Settings and Tools, press 5 (phone settings), press 2 (shortcut key), press 5 (play key), and choose my mp3s.

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