Monday, October 25, 2010

Windows Movie Maker - save file to my computer problem

I recently had a problem using Windows Movie Maker and try as I might, all the cure alls on the internet did not help me. This problem occurred after adding a sound effect (a .mp3 file) to an existing project. Everything I saw on the net said the problem was related to not enough memory (ram). At some point, I noticed that the process of saving stopped at the point where my added sound effect occurred. I know that if a file has an error, it usually occurs at the beginning, or more likely, the end of the file. I shrank the size of the clip by a second or so and then tried again. It went further but still stopped. I used this new sound effect ( the gong sound) 4 times, so I cropped each instance of it from the end and it cured the problem. Here's the video:

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