Thursday, December 31, 2009

Belkin F5D-7230-4 router and Samsung BD-P1590 Blu Ray is a bad combo

This started as a Helping Dan story but went south in a hurry. Dan saw that we had a Blu Ray player that streamed Netflix and wanted that same experience. I can't say I blame him, we love it. He bought a Samsung BD-P1590 Blu Ray player and has a Belkin F5D-7230-4 router. No big deal here, a routers a router and a Blu Ray player is just another device, right? Wrong! He was having trouble streaming movies and asked me to take a look. I dialed into his router using or whatever and saw that the Blu Ray was issued an IP address. I changed the range in case there was some conflict, but old Blu just didn't want to cooperate. All these devices seem to have some kind of network test so I ran that. It failed repeatedly on the third part "connecting to Gateway" or something like that. However, the test before that indicated that it did. Could it be that there were two "identical metallic mint green 1964 Buick Skylark convertibles" I mean gateways? No, I think that Samsung and Sony and the others have a system where when you stream a movie it doesn't go from Netflix directly to you, but from Netflix to Samsung to you, and I said as much too the technician at Samsung when I talked to them. She denied it which makes me think I'm right. Anyway, I established the fact that there was a connection to the internet through the Blu Ray by making a connection to Pandora, the excellent Music internet radio site. Now, I Ax you, how could you connect to one part of the internet and not the other? In the end, by looking at the log files on the router, I saw that it was denying a connection to an outside source. The fact that Dan had been watching Netflix all along points to the fact that things had changed. I ended up using the drastic step of turning off the firewall and that did the trick. This router has two firewalls that are not "identical". One is a N.A.T firewall and the other is S.P.I. I turned off the S.P.I. firewall. Things are working for now but should be better. A point i'd like to make is, HOW COME PEOPLE CAN'T JUST BUY SOMETHING AND TAKE IT HOME AND IT WORKS?

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