Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Golf is Not a Sport

After recent events, I have to say: "Golf is not a sport". I have golfed, not well, at all, ever. No point of authority here. I will say that most "sportsman", this term is loose, would have defended themselves in some fashion against an assault from a woman with a golf club. Obviously I'm talking about the Tiger Woods situation. My theory of the events:
  • Erin(current wife) hits Tiger in the head with a golf club(nothing else was available, right)
  • Tiger enters the car(and hides)
  • Tiger drives at a low speed evading Erin
  • Tiger mows over objects because his brain is scrambled
  • Erin continues her justified rage, busting out the rear windows of the SUV (suggesting chase)
  • Tigers rescued by the neighbors who called 911
Golf is not a sport scenario:
  • Laurie(Brian's ex) attempts to hit Brian Urlacher in the head with anything.
  • Brian takes the hit and shrugs it off
  • Laurie remembers Brians Old Spice commercial and backs off
  • Brian regales the neighbors with some football talk (supporting video below)

Golf may be more of an activity than a sport. Let's face it, tennis is sometimes questioned, but after Serena Williams recent tirade, I think she would have smacked that club aside and said "what you got, biatch?!".

I think we need to reassess our definitions of sports and activities and entertainment and at least realize when they blend and what the border is, no matter how soft or hard it may be. But in the end, for now, golf is not a sport!

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