Friday, November 27, 2009

John Caparulo

We saw John Caparulo's 7:30 sold out show at Hilarities tonight and "Cap" was great. The first time we saw him was at the Ohio theatre and that show was sold out as well. We always have a good time when we see stand up at Hilarities and tonight was no different. That said, there were a couple minor problems. The first and worst, they took the hilarities club sandwich off the menu. This is a huge problem for us as it was our favorite thing on the menu, the other being the onion rings, which are also GONE! AAAHHH! As a substitute, we had mozzarella sticks and a fried chicken wrap. Mary just said "if I want a wrap, I'll go to La Bodega. They do wraps. We go to Hilarities, we want a Hilarities Wrap! " The other problem was we like to park at the 515 parking garage off Euclid Ave. and we got our ticket validated but it wouldn't work. We didn't have to pay but the guy told us we should get a receipt from now on. We saw the car next to us have the same problem and reconized them from the show. Minor problem, but never happened before. We love going down to East fourth for comedy, but BRING BACK THE CLUB!

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