Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Helping Al P.

Al's computer wasn't connecting to the internet or anything else. As soon as I saw it, I realized that the drivers probably were not installed right. Time for the quart of blood technique.
  1. I installed the chipset drivers
  2. I installed the video drivers
  3. I installed the USB drivers
  4. I installed the ethernet (LAN) drivers
  5. i installed the audio drivers
  6. I installed the Intel Application Accellerator
After all this, a quart of blood dropped from the computer, but it survived. Being a karate man, I understand that the computer was bruised on the inside. There was cop's, "plural" working on this computer! But in the end, the Karate man prevailed!

The true story is:
I looked up the motherboard after discovering the model number on the inside of the case. When I first saw the computer, I knew the drivers were not installed correctly. I took a quick look at the "system properties" to confirm what I knew and then decided I could be of some help. After all, I am, the " Karate Man"!

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