Friday, March 26, 2010

Anthony Sowell/Cleveland Torso Murders

Recently on our Torso Murders site we added this in theories:
  • Mary(site owner) thinks: John Doe #3 doesn't belong with the rest of the victims. Reasons: the only Westside victim and the only one who was actually killed at  the same sight where he was found. To me, this does not fit in with how the other victims were killed and found. When the Lady of the Lake was found it appeared to be a random, gruesome, stand alone crime. Once other victims were discovered, police still would not  include her as the first in the long line of torso victims. Hmmmmm....maybe they excluded the wrong victim!
  • Jim(site owner) says: In light of what's happened recently in the curious case of one Anthony Sowell, when you look at the list of victims you should realize there might be spaces between victims. In Sowells history there were people he didn't prey upon and if he did, they survived. Sometimes I think the chemistry between prey and predator triggers a response that doesn't happen in other circumstances.  I wonder if what we see as a list of victims is only a list of the final act of a play no one ever saw besides the two participants. There are clear overtones of some type of sexual connections among the bodies. We learned from Dahmer (and others) that some victims are more than willing to be victimized. Some people Sowell met ended up meeting their end while some escaped or just walked away, no wiser. I just think that when we see a list with 14 names on it, we should realize it could have been higher.

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