Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blogger, Google Thyself!

Who doesn't love a quote from the bible? I'm gonna guess Atheists!
Of course, the correct quote is "Physician, heal thyself".

Actually what I meant by the title is that bloggers or just regular old people should Google themselves once or twice a year. My, that doesn't sound nice. Oh, why don't you just go Google yourself! Dirty! But it can be a good idea. Let me explain. I recently Googled my name and was reminded that I had submitted some pictures to the ODNR. They never notified me about them using them but I wouldn't know if I didn't Google me(the pictures are here, at the bottom and here). I also now know there's a fellow in Wisconsin who shares my name and owns a bar there, the "5th Quarter Sports Bar and Grill" (free meals? I doubt it). I understand this isn't earth shaking but you should know about you even if its not you. How is your name being used or portrayed? What if you see something that leads you to think your identity has been stolen? Lost relatives? I'm sure you get the point.
So, don't take this the wrong way, but why don't you just go Google yourself!

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