Monday, January 11, 2010

Avatar sucks because it's so good!

My daughter Jen and I went to see Avatar a Wednesday or so back and while not sold out, it was packed. And Mary and Jen and I just saw it Saturday night and it was sold out. The movie started late(15 minutes, thank you Atlas Cinemas) so there was a lot of chatter. From what I overheard told me that most of the people there hadn't seen it yet. There were four things that surprised me on Saturday. They were:
  • The people in front of us didn't doze off! They were older (60's) and a 3 hour movie? C'mon!
  • The Four women to my right didn't babble right through the whole movie!
  • The audience had about 10 to 20 kids, from crumb grabbers up to ten year olds, and they hardly made a fuss.
  • I was there!
The fact that I was there was significant because I had already seen it. I have patience and just wait for movies to come out on DVD and then watch them when and how I choose. I don't like being a slave to someone else's schedule or agenda so I create my own. I can't remember the last time I paid to watch a movie twice in a theater because it never happened. One more thing, we want to see it again!

Okay, Just saw it again today. 4 times for Jen and I and 3 for Mary. Guess we have a problem, Houston.

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  1. Actually, we just saw it a third Saturday after noon. The audience applauded.