Sunday, January 10, 2010

Helping Al P. #2

Als computer quit working right again. Here are the steps I went through to find and fix the problem
  1. The screen was displaying messages
  2. I determined the messages were O.S.D.(on screen display)coming from the monitor
  3. I popped in a Knoppix ver. 5.1 Live cd and rebooted
  4. The computer worked fine
  5. I took the hard drive out and tried to image it. It stopped at 77%.
  6. I took the hard drive out and tried to clone it. It stopped at 77%.
  7. I attempted to run error checking on it. It froze.
  8. The hard drive is bad.
  9. No operating system disk. I installed Kubuntu.
  10. I didn't like the way Kubuntu worked.
  11. I had to boot into Win 98 and get rid of the partitions(seemed the easiest) and start over.
  12. It wouldn't read the Ubuntu cd, the laser seemed weak.
  13. Let the computer sit for awhile. The laser warmed up, installed Ubuntu.

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