Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wubi - Ubuntu Installer

I'm going to install Ubuntu on Box3(my third computer, expendable) using Wubi! Be right back.
  1. Started Firefox at 6:40
  2. Clicked on Wubi 
  3. Clicked on download now
  4. Started download at 6:52
  5. Ended download at 7:32
  6. Double click on wubi.exe (where ever you downloaded it to)
  7. You get a box with options. Select a size on your hard drive for the install. I had 26 GB free space. Wubi suggested 14 GB. I gave it 8 GB.
  8. Then enter a password and click install.
  9. My firewall (Comodo) asked for permission to continue. I granted it, but Wubi aborted.
  10. double clicked on wubi.exe again. 
  11. And now wubi say's to uninstall click here. I uninstalled.
  12. Windows Security popped up. I chose unblock.
  13. Asked to reboot and I rebooted
  14. After rebooting, you have 2 choices. I chose Ubuntu
  15. At 7:38 I chose to let the computer sit. It's at a text screen that looks like DOS but isn't.
  16. It was locked up. I did a hardware reset(turned off the switch at the back of the computer) and restarted.
  17. Again I chose Ubuntu and it went further and I walked away. (sometimes the best thing)

  18. This a hoot! it's installing!

  19. The Ubuntu system restarted at the end of the installation.

  20. I was able to boot into the Ubuntu system no problem.

  21. After using Ubuntu, I rebooted and went right back to Windows XP

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  1. I tried this, apparently the root password does not match the password you initially setup..