Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is Mother Nature Out of Control?

Is Mother Nature Out of Control? - AOL News   First it was the weather not cooperating for the Olympics, dumping all the much needed snow elsewhere in the U.S. then that chunk of ice that fell of Antarctica some time back bumped back into its mother ship and knocked another chunk off. Then this earthquake thingy with Chile, I mean we just had one in Haiti! Then of all things, this backhanded, failed, misguided attempt to smoosh the Hawaiian Islands with, Good God, a tsunami! Somewhere in there a "Killer" Whale killed someone! Spacing, Miss Nature, SPACING! And even as I write this, she's damaging Europe, again! Have you no shame, girl? I think its about time the natural girl herself got what she deserves. A time out! Off in the corner with you! Wipe that smile off your face and no dinner! And if you won't listen to reason we'll call .... Aunt Hillary! Auntie? Auntie? She's being bad again!

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