Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yoga: Eagle Arms

Yeah, I tried some yoga yesterday. Why? Don't know really, I thought it'd be a good thing. I tried the poses on this page on Yahoo. The first one was doable, the second one, not so much. As I understand it, yoga can help improve flexibility but first you may need some. I now know I lack flexibility. Mary, my lovely wife, does indeed have it. She did the eagle in like 5 seconds. I am wood. I stuck out my left arm and reached out my right and attempted to do the eagle but the eagle did me. This morning I can proudly raise my right arm up to my shoulder. Beyond that, nope. It burns like Holy Water on a vampire!

So, time to test if it's just me.

Mary weighs 100 pounds, 5 foot tall, can do it.
Me, 222, 5'10" can't do it.
My brother Norm, about my height and weight, can't do it.
My buddy Greg, taller than I, about the same weight, nope!
Dan, another friend, slightly taller and heavier than Mary, can do it.
A woman we know that's about 5 feet tall but heavier than Dan can do it.

Hmmm. I thought I had it figured out that bigger, bulkier people are not destined to be flexible until I saw the cover of this book. Big Boy there has some yoga game. Me, my shoulder still hurts. Next time instead of yoga, it'll be yogurt. Or Yoda.

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