Monday, February 15, 2010

JFK Love Letters, Tiger Woods Tweets

Today JFK's love letters to one of his many mistresses came up for sale. Just a few months ago, Tiger Woods tweeted to many of his mistresses. These events got me thinking that maybe there's more than meets the eye here. I think if you're open minded about it there are some parallels between Tiger and JFK. If they somehow switched places both of them would have done what the other did. Maybe JFK didn't ring up as many notches on his putter as Tiger, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

Of interest:
  • JFK was the 35th President of the United States
  • Tiger was the 61st winner of the Masters
  • JFK was the first and only (if I'm wrong tell me) Catholic President
  • Tiger was the first non Caucasian to win the Masters
  • They both met Bob Hope
  • They both liked blonds (Elin and Marilyn)
  • They both liked Swedish women (Elin and Gunilla)
  • JFK was the youngest President
  • Tiger was the youngest to win the Masters
  • JFK was one of the most admired men in his daya
  • Tiger was one of the most admired men in his day
  • Both of their images were tarnished by revelations of their affairs
  • JFK was run down by a Japanese destroyer (PT 109)
  • Tiger was run down by a Swedish destroyer (Elin Nordegren)
  • JFK was assassinated
  • Tiger was assassinated (by the press)
I mean no disrespect. I remember the day JFK was assassinated (I was 3, the TV screen was round) and it was a sad day. I also remember when the news about Tiger came out. I'm sure that there's a Zapruder like video out there that will either clear up or further cloud Tigers story. Will we really ever know what truly transpired in Dallas? Will we really ever know what truly transpired in Windermere?

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