Sunday, October 11, 2009

Azman Quality Meats

Friday afternoon, before I went down by Wildwood, I was hungry and hadn't been to Azman's in awhile. I wanted, I needed, smokies. So, to Azmans I went. To my horror, there were no smokies hanging on the rack. The nice lady asked if she could help, and I said, "there's no smokies, I guess not". She said "hang on, hon" and yelled down the stairs. She said "hold on, hon, they're just coming out. You ever had 'em hot, hon"? I said, no. At that moment, the butcher came up the stairs and said the same thing, "he never had 'em hot"? Feeling kind of dumb, here.

Well, nice lady broke off a hunk of smokie and said, "here, try this". Nirvana, or close to it. Usually, these things are hanging there with that shriveled (ahem) kind of look, a day or so old, but these were plump, juicy and hot, right out of the smoker. Let's just say they never got cold.

654 East 185 Cleveland, Ohio

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