Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Danger of Strangers and your Data

The issue: Data loss due to Microsofts inability to recognize it's customer base.

I realize that I'm weighing in a little late on this issue, but I have to say, "really?". I have a Sidekick, but her name is Mutzi and she doesn't need batteries, just bones. But I do have a Blackberry, so, I can feel some pain. No, I don't back up my data off my phone. I should. I just don't. And, nobody I know does it either. I had my "Blackberry User Tools" installed, but changed motherboards, hard drives etc. I liked the software because it had Roxio on it and it wasn't locked to an optical drive. Sweet! I backed up 1 time, after I installed it. It was a pain in the butt! I know better, but nope, not gonna do it!

Hey, seems the sidekickers didn't either. Seems funny, though, that the phrase "stranger danger" didn't pop into their little heads. After all, the company Microsoft bought to ensure the safety of their information is named, ahem, "Danger, Inc." I quote directly from Danger Inc.'s website "It is the business of the future to be dangerous" by mathematician, logician and philosopher Alfred Whitehead. I did not see a title like "datatician", "Supreme Protector of info" or possibly "Datadude". Weirdly, Al W. also said "Culture is activity of thought, and receptiveness to human beauty. Scraps of information have nothing to do with it". I'm thinking here that Danger Inc. chose the wrong mascot and the people who own sidekicks want their "scraps of information" back!

Microsofts customer base is the average person. They have trouble programming a remote, but they can use one. Too much technology too quickly has numbed a good many of us. We will not, as a group, back up much of anything. As we, the users, watch football and drink beer, this might cut into the opening kick off. We rely, as a group, on "you got that, right" to companies like Microsoft, cause they got that, right? Nope. They hired "Danger Inc.". (bought it) Yea, well, they decided to keep data "in the cloud". This means not on your device(the sidekick).

I don't mean to pick, but who in the marketing department thought "danger" was a good company name when your business was safe guarding data? And Microsoft was like, "hey, I like that, "Danger!", sounds edgy, buy that company!".

Then again, keeping your data in "the cloud" doesn't sound secure. Science tells us that clouds dissapate! In English, this means "go away". That's what happened to the data, it "went away". Microsofts idea of the cloud isn't even the cloud, it's "Mesh". They have a "SkyDrive"(25GB, free), kind of a thumbdrive you can't touch (but who can?). Adobe has "AIR", I think. At least it's closer to cloud. Did you know that Google has "Gears".

Here's the straight deal: data is the most important part of computing, period! Pictures, mp3s, resumes whatev, this is you. Any data is or should be transferable to any device or operating system! If it's important, yes, back it up! And remember, this can be done in an analog fashion if its a password or a phone number. This means pen and paper! Duh!

Just remember, if say, you're heading out to "One Microsoft Way"(Microsoft, Duh) and your "Gears" won't "Mesh" just take the "Skydrive" to Mountain View(Google) and as you climb into the "Cloud"s, don't run out of "AIR".

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