Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Braylon Edwards

On Braylon Edwards:
  1. Everybody is human. Most people break the law in some way.
  2. Sometimes people get angry and hit other people, been that way since the dawn of time
  3. Drops passes. In the NFL, if you are a receiver, you can't drop consistently. You catch consistently. Period. Duh!
During the debacle that was Romeo Crennel's tenure, I stated that with better coaching, Edwards could catch the ball. I saw improvement when Eric Mangini came in. One of the tenets of a wide receiver (not Romeo catching a cheeseburger, Edwards) is to catch and run. Unfortunately, Braylon could not outrun his own stupidity. In the end, this was a good trade for both teams. To Braylon, all the best, have fun, break the law, punch people you know, be human. Just catch the damn ball!!!

P.S. To our knowledge, no coaches or wide receivers were actually hurt during this post, although we tried.

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