Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lake View and La Bodega

On Saturday early in the morning, maybe 10 or so, Mary and I and the pooch went to Lake View Cemetery. It wasn't the first time but its been a while and it's just a great place. This is not some ordinary run of the mill cemetery (not to run down any of them) but it's beautiful, historical, hilly and flat and they allow dogs! Plus it's quiet (consider the clientele). There's a dam, a creek, Eliot Ness' grave, Rockefeller buried there, you name it. Ray Chapman, the only major league ballplayer killed in a game (by a pitched ball, no less) rests comfortably there. President Garfield (no, not the cat) and his wife have a huge tomb at the top of a hill. I took about 180 pikshures and we did about 2 miles estimated and then hunger struck. What to do? Well, we haven't gotten over La Bodega's menu yet, so we went there. Mary got a pedestrian B.L.T. (#16) on a wrap and I, a little more adventurous, had the Turkey with Smoked Gouda, Caramelized Onions, Sprouts and Balsamic Mayo(#27) on Italian. Sorry, no pictures, but it smelled so good once we got home they were gone.

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