Sunday, October 18, 2009

Verizon Droid does the dishes too!

So Verizon has a new phone coming out called "droid". Wow, how creative. It's based on Googles "android". Why not hemorrhoid (to painful) or adenoid (pain) or, and I like this one, "steroid"(too strong)! Click Droid for Verizons site about their new baby.

Engadget has a article about it here.

I looked at the source of Verizons site and it says all kinds of wonderful things about the droid:
under description they said;
Droid Does Video;
Droid Does Tunes;
Droid Does Multitasking;
Droid Does Hi-Res;
Droid Does Speech Recognition;
Droid Does Apps;
Droid Does High Speed;
Droid Does Android;
Droid Does Directions
Wow! Droid does a lot. Mary wants to know if it will do the dishes? Oh, Apple? Start shaking in your boots!
And under Keywords Verizon had this to say:
Verizon Wireless Droid,
Droid Phone,
Verizon Wireless Android Phone,
Motorola Droid Phone,
verizon wireless,
Droid Does

Nothing earth shaking there.

Slippery Brick had this to say about the droid called "sholes" here, don't know why, maybe a code word.

And Mobile Whack seems to think it'll come out on October 30! Cool!

One more site has it coming out for Christmas. Thats too late, we want some action now.

I like the look of the phone and especially the slide out keyboard. With the verizon network and all the cool features this may be the new king of the hill.

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