Sunday, October 11, 2009

Inland SATA/IDE Combo Drive Adapter USB 2.0

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I have used this adapter in all kinds of situations and would definitely buy it again. Without too much fuss, you can hook up a 3.5" or 2.5" IDE drive or any SATA drive through your existing USB
port and format, recover data, really anything you want to do and no drivers are needed. The only time it seems to act up is when there's a problem with the drive it's connected with. It's cheap, gets the job done and can be invaluable if you do the kind of stuff I do.

This is vary similar to the inland item I use.

Search for ide sata usb adapter


  1. Question: I've used this device also, mainly with 3.5" drives. I see that one could attach a 2.5" drive at least 2 different ways. I suppose that there is a right way and a wrong way to attach it. I also suspect that attaching it the wrong way could cause the blue smoke inside the drive to escape and ruin everything. Do you have any insight into this?

  2. Hey Bob, sorry for the delay. I've used this device quite a bit and for 2.5 drives I hook it up without the power attached first to see if it works that way. That said, I use it more on 3.5 and SATA so that's the reason for cautious approach. If the 2.5 is a SATA than you do need the power cord hooked to the device.

  3. Question: when i attached inland sata/ide adapter to an old internal IDE drive, my dell PC with XP pro doesn't recognize ide drive.Just you can only see "safety remove hardware" icon. Jumper setting is on a single drive Can you help me?

  4. I haven't run across a hard drive that this won't work on unless something is really wrong with the hard drive. If something happened to the partition table that could be a problem. The make and model of the drive would possibly help. Jumpers don't seem to matter. Make sure the power cord is going to the hard drive itself and not the adapter. One more thing, sometimes if the hard drive is starting to die, it takes a while, like 20 minutes for it to be recognized. And try a different USB port. A last resort in order to recover data would be to install Ubuntu (, boot into it and you might see your files. Good Luck! Let me know if this helps.

  5. Quote: when i attached inland sata/ide adapter to an old internal IDE drive, my dell PC with XP pro doesn't recognize ide drive

    It may not show up in Windows directory, but
    sometimes it shows up in Manager. Right-click
    "My Computer" , select "Manage" and select
    "Disk Management" . If it's not there, the
    drive is probably dead, or slow to wake up.
    Try Eauseus partition manager ( freeware )
    to get it to respond, or set it up........

    Get it from:

  6. Is this divice sata/ide combo drive adapter usb 2.0, compatible with imaging Window 7 OS and from Image to harddrive as it does with WindowsXP?

  7. I use this device on a Windows 7 computer with no problems at all. I have not used it to image Windows 7 yet but I don't think there would be any problems doing it. Most new hard drives come with special software to help you do this. DO NOT buy a drive that is "bare bones". This is the hard drive and nothing else. I really like the software that comes with Seagate hard drives, its very easy to use.